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January 4, 2013
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TGB Ref: Akida -- Orange Earth by Treaimas TGB Ref: Akida -- Orange Earth by Treaimas
Full size for better quality!
Edit: 1/27/13 I updated her ref, with her active tattoo and the scar that Farox gave her :3
Edit 2: 5/5/13 Updated ref-- She's a Pink-Orange now. They grow up so fast ;A; *GROSS SOBBING*
Edit 3: 7/7/13 Updated ref-- SHE'S ALL GROWN UP NOW ;-;
Edit 4: 9/4/13 Updated ref-- New art c:
Edit 5: 12/6/13 Updated ref-- New art! Updated info will follow.





( ah-KEE-dah ) || Origin: TBD

Kit Name:


Given to her by her mother. The name had no personal meaning behind it, and was given to her simply because of the color of her fur.


Adult ( 2 season cycles )

Akida was born in mid spring. This time of year is the most comfortable for her, since she has short-medium fur, and a light colored pelt. 




Somali/Egyptian Mau

Reua x Calais

Current Tribe: Earth Tribe

Birth Tribe:  N/A; Born into exile.

Tribe's Tattoo: Orange-Earth

Ability: Primary

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: Alcina (Pink-Orange Earth)

Soulbond: Rey (Silver-Earth)


Body: Akida, though she was fairly big when she was an apprentice, is quite small. She was about as big as she was going to get when she became an adolescent. Being light-framed and thin, she is built more for the rank of a warrior. She is, more than anything, built for speed. Her strength is lacking, but her endurance is quite impressive. Her fur is of medium length, and it distributed fairly evenly. There are a few places here and there that have longer fur. The fur on her belly, tail, and cheeks are longer than anywhere else. Her legs are a long and thin and, had she been born a different breed, would make her seem quite tall. Her face is angular, and her eyes are a tad bit slanted. Atop her head is a pair of medium-sized, pointed ears, one of which is pierced by a golden earring.
Colorations: Akida's pelt is the result of mixing together a Somali she-cat and an Egyptian Mau tom. The ruddy hue comes from her mother, and the spots from her father. Going down her back, up her legs, along her tail, and up the middle of her face are fading bits of a reddish color. Her chest, paws, muzzle, and tail-tip are painted a creamy color, clashing quite dramatically with the red hues. Along with the gradient on her back are spots that fade along with it. Marking her face is a pair of teardrop like markings, and stripes that seem to connect her eyes to her ears. Akida's eyes are bright, golden yellow. They are quite expressive, and more often than not betray her emotions, no matter how hard she may try to conceal them.

Accessories: Akida currently has two accessories. The first is a golden earring that was given to her by Rey. It was originally his, but it was torn out during the war. He kept it as a sort of souvenir, and later on gave it to his adopted daughter.

The second is a simple necklace that consists of leftover string from Weiland's old 'collar', and a large, teardrop-shaped emerald. It was given to her by Weiland as a sort of proposal gift.

Scars/Disabilities: Akida has a long, jagged scar that runs along her neck, revealing the pinkish skin beneath. However, it has been partially covered by her medium length fur. The scar was given to her during a skirmish with a, now, Green-Air by the name of Farox.


Positive Traits: Defensive/Loyal, Determined

Neutral Traits: Proud, Independent, Straightforward

Negative Traits: Short-tempered, Stubborn

Loyal to a fault, Akida would defend her loved ones at any cost. It doesn't matter the dangers, the consequences-- she would throw everything away if it meant protecting someone that mattered to her. Once a cat has earned this Orange-Earth's trust, it's hard to revoke it. And once someone has proven themselves trustworthy, they have gained a fierce guardian, someone who will give their life to protect them. However, this isn't a particularly spectacular thing-- she has a mate, kits, and soulbond. If she were to die, who would look after her children? If she were to die, her soulbond, Rey's soul would be torn to shreds. Akida knows this; but if giving her life were to save someone else's, someone who had great thing in store for them, then she'd be more than happy to oblige. 

Accepting failure? Hell no! There's no way that Akida would ever let herself fail. It doesn't matter how impossible the task may seem, or how many times she's failed, she's going to get it right. She has to eventually, right? Missed a mouse? That's okay, there's one over there. Didn't climb that tree fast enough? Okay. Climb back down and do it again. In this way, she's a perfectionist. Like, what if she weren't strong enough to defend her tribe? Whose fault would it be when someone got hurt, and there was something that she could've done about it, had she been good enough? She doesn't want that to ever even come close to happening.

Even if Akida doesn't have a very big ego, she is a proud cat. And that's because she thinks that, despite all of her screw-ups and the things that she shouldn't be proud of, she has a lot of things to be proud of. First, she's a warrior of Earth Tribe. How kickass is that? Earth Tribe is the best tribe, after all. Second, she's got an amazing family. Her soulbond, her mate, and her two kits. What isn't there to be proud of in that? If ever those things are threatened, or taken away from her, there will be consequences.

Akida doesn't think that she needs anyone looking out for her. She has a strong notion that she can take care of herself. If she's assigned a task that's meant to be done alone, then by the Spirits, she's going to do it alone! She has a terrible habit of refusing help, even if it's obvious that she's in dire need of assistance. She'd prefer to do something that would take a lot of hard work by herself, than to speed up the process by accepting help. 

Akida is one to get straight to the point. She doesn't like the way you're doing something? She's going to tell you outright. If you're acting stupid, she's going to tell you so. She doesn't beat around the bush. If she has an opinion, she's going to put it out there, whether you like it or not. Some may call her cold or indifferent, but, really, she's not. Usually, she thinks that the best thing to do is just to be honest. And if that means that it's rude or disrespectful, then so be it.  

It doesn't really take much to tick Akida off. She has the patience of a hyper kit, which tends to be a big problem for her. And, more often then not, it's small things that get to her. She doesn't think that she has time to deal with stupid stuff. There are better things that she could be doing than telling cats that they're being idiotic, even if that is fun. Get down to the point, and don't mess around (too much ;3c) if there's something that really needs to be done. 

Once Akida has made a decision, it's hard (nearly impossible, even) to get her to change it. Oh, you want to go to Nightwatch Forest? That's too bad. She wants to go to Fisher's Outlook. There's a ton more stuff to do there than in some dingy forest. This also applies to her opinions on cats. It doesn't really matter how much a cat changes over time; Akida will probably always have the same opinion of you. And finally, if at first she tries something and doesn't succeed, she'll go at it until she does




- Skill 1: Feel the Earth: You can feel the roots of plants beneath the earth, a worm that slithers through the earth beneath your paws.
- Skill 2: Growing Plants 1: You can control the growing of a seed of a small plant. Requires a lot of energy!
- Skill 3:Growing Plants 2: You can control multiple seeds of medium sized plants. Requires a lot of energy!
- Skill 4: Shift the Earth: You can shift the earth beneath your paws.
- Skill 5:Growing Plants 3: You can control multiple seeds of large plants. Requires a lot of energy!
- Skill 6: These Long Vines: You can make vines grow! They can only be grown once per seed, and only be controlled once, so aim well if you have no other vine seeds with you!
- Skill 7: Raise: You can let boulders rise from the earth beneath your paws.
- Skill 8: Shield Me: Spikes and walls shoot up from around you and protect you from danger!
- Skill 9: Earth Spike: You can summon earth spikes to skewer your enemy up! Requires a lot of energy!
- Skill 10: Stone Claws: You can dig yourself in the ground and hide from your enemies. Your claws will never break when digging.
- Skill 11: Everything I Touch: Going in this meditative mode, everything that is plant life around you will grow to full health and power. While using this skill, however, you have barely any controls of you actions and it drains you of your energy very quickly.
- Skill 12: Small Fissure: You can create small cracks in the earth that go down deep but aren't even big enough to fit your paw in.
- Skill 13: Fissure: At the cost of a lot of energy, you can make the ground split in two and raise to devour your enemy and pull it in its cold, dark, grasp...

Voice Actor: TBA

Sexuality: Bi-curious

Dreams: She doesn't really ever dream. As far as her personal goals go, she doesn't really have too many-- just to be a good warrior. She doesn't really ever want to be a Yellow or Silver, since that would imply that something happened to Rey or Soren, which Akida hopes would never happen. 

Fears: Steam (due to the incident with Weiland at the Breathing Caldera), losing Rey, Weiland, Spirit, or Boulder.

Secrets: N/A

Theme(s): N/A


Color: Green (especially Weiland's eyes)

Food: Rabbit

Hobby: Hunting || Swimming

Place: Fisher's Outlook || The Fallen Birch


-Akida likes green eyes.
-She doesn't mind getting her paws dirty.
-She wishes, more than anything, that Rey really was her dad.
-She sometimes wishes that she were a Secondary instead of a Primary.
-Her favorite season is either spring or autumn.
-It's hard to earn her trust or respect.
-She holds grudges for very long periods of time.
-Her longest standing grudge is against Farox, the Green-Air who inflicted the scar upon her neck.
-Due to this, she isn't too fond of Air-Tribe in general.
-Her most prized possession is the earring that Rey gave her.
-Despite her ambitious nature, she has no desire to become a leader or deputy.
-Also green is the best color
-Akida is unaware that she is related to Sooka.
-Her stubbornness will probably be the death of her.
-Akida doesn't like kits
-She doesn't want to have kits
-She thinks boys are gross. Especially Weiland. eue


In the quiet land of Exiles, those who were banished from the Tribes that were rumored to live so far away thrived. Cats who's tribal markings had long since faded from bright shades of orange and green to grey lived mostly solitary, lonely lives. Among these cats, there was a she-cat named Reua. The she-cat had fallen in love with a tom by the name Calais. Soon, the became pregnant with the toms kits. The tom grew furious, and left Reua. He had never wanted kits, really.

Reua's kits were born in the early spring-- the air was becoming progressively warmer, and the snows from the passing winter were melting. Her first born was a large tom, with a simple brown pelt. Her second born was smaller than the other kit, but not small. Her fur was reddish-brown and speckled with dark brown splotches. She named the first kit Hawk, after the great bird. She named the second kit, the female Russet, for the color of her pelt.For a while, everything was peaceful-- both kits were cared for, and as time progressed, both of Reua's children grew strong.

Nothing was thought of the odd grey marking that both of the kits possessed--  Hawk boasted a marking over his right eye, while Russet had a spiraling, vine shaped marking on her right shoulder. Their mother bore a tattoo as well. Hers spread over her back, in the shape of wings.

As some kits are told nursery tales, Hawk and Russet were told fantastic stories of the Tribes. Their mother explained to them the meaning of their markings. Hawk would be in the Fire Tribe, while Russet would belong to the Earth Tribe. The thought of her having these extraordinary powers amazed the little kits. But the fact that Hawk would belong to a Tribe at all went to his head. He began to boast-- the Fire Tribe was the strongest! Only the strong could survive, there. "Not the small and weak, like you, Russet." The she-kit took these words to heart, and became determined to be as powerful as her brother claimed to be.

Hawks little hunts for beetles and other insects were stirring up great pride within their mother. He was flooded with sweet words and affection. Russet was given love, too, but not to the extent that Hawk was. This infuriated Russet-- she was doing the exact same as him, but not receiving the same ridiculous amounts of praise as he was. It wasn't that the she-cat needed praise, but that she felt shunned by her own mother.

Russet began to see everything as a competition with her brother-- whoever catches more beetles wins! I'll race you to the den! I bet I can run faster than you! While Russet did win some of these little contests, her brother always somehow did better. If he ever tripped while running, or got a little scrape, Reua dropped everything and went to his aid. Russet didn't think he needed the help. She snagged her pelt on brambles all the time, and sometimes even tripped while running, but never needed help recovering.

Summer came and went, and Russet began to grow distant from her mother and Hawk. She started hunting beetles by herself, trying to improve so she could be 'as good as' her brother was. Fall was turning the leaves on the trees brilliant shades of yellow, red, and orange. The air had cooled down, and the days grew shorter. This was a problem for Russet, because this meant she had a shorter time to train herself because she had to be in the safety of her den by nightfall.  

The trees shed their dying leaves, scattering the ground with colors that were fading to brown. The air grew colder and colder as the days passed. Prey was becoming more scarce, and this forced Reua to hunt for a longer period of time. She even taught her kits to hunt small things, like mice. And Hawk, of course, got the most praise, even when Russet did just as well as him.

Beyond their home was a field of tall grasses-- it was unknown to any of the cats if it was safe or not. Reua believed that it might be a good place to find some food. Since the area hadn't been explored by any of them, yet, Russet and Hawk were left at their den, and their mother ventured onward. The day slipped away quickly, changing from noon to twilight in a short amount of time. When Reua hadn't returned to them, the kits grew worried. They dared to venture out of the safety of their home to go and search for their missing mother. What they found appalled them: their mother had hardly made it into the field before she was struck down by a snake.

Grief overwhelmed Russet, but Hawk felt more anger and bitterness. "She should have been more careful." he had said. This infuriated Russet. It wasn't her fault! But to keep herself alive, the young she-cat needed to move on. She needed to hunt. But Hawk refused to do anything, claiming that they were going to die anyway. Russet ignored him, and tried her hardest to make sure that they both survived the winter.

Soon, though, another tragedy stuck, and Hawk fell sick. Russet was forced to nurse him, but with food becoming so scarce, they both became thinner and thinner. He eventually passed away, and once more Russet was forced to deal with the overwhelming grief of losing someone. While she was always competing with him, and upset that he always received better treatment than her, he was family, and she loved him.

Russet was on her own, with winter making itself at home over the world. She was worried-- how long could a kit last out here, alone? While she did have one less mouth to feed, if any other cat found her, she would most likely be killed. Times were difficult, and some cats would kill to cut down on the competition. But one day, a new, strong scent was being carried on the breeze. Russet, not knowing what would be waiting, decided to investigate. What she found was amazing. New cats, huge groups of them, had recently settled down nearby. They all bore tattoos, some like her mothers, some like her brother, a few different ones, and ones like hers. They were all colorful-- blue, green, pink, orange.

She was accepted into the tribe that she had been born to be in-- the Earth Tribe. She attened her first Meeting, and her tattoo activated, turning pink to represent her being young. She became a warrior apprentice, since that was the position that she had the most promise in. She was also given her true name: Akida.


-Soulbond :Rey (Silver-Earth)

- Mate : Weiland (Green-Earth)

- Kits : Spirit/ Freya (Future Pink-Light), Boulder/Zodok (Future Blue-Shadow)

- Grandmother(s) : Unknown
- Grandfather(s) : Unknown

- Mother : Reua (Black-Air)
- Father : Calais (Grey-Fire)

- Aunt(s) : Anyu (Exile)
- Uncle(s) : Tartok (Exile)
- Cousin(s) : Sooka (Black-Water), Tikaani (Exile), Tulok (Exile), Nukka (Exile), Panik (Exile)
- Brother(s) : Hawk (Grey-Fire)
- Sister(s) : N/A

- Extended Family: (There's no genetic incest )

RP Example :

Taken from an RP with Zaabu's Kinstu

{ Orange-Earth | Akida | The Sink Hole }

Despite the fact that Summer had already passed, and Autumn was slowly settling in, the air was fairly warm. Uncharacteristically bright sunlight cascaded down on the land, turning the leaves that still clung to the trees colors that strongly resembled flames. However, the leaves that had already fallen had become brown and crisp.

CRUNCH! Leaves crinkled under the weight of an auburn she-cat who was, obviously, very relaxed. Paying no heed to the fact that there might be other cats around, she carried on rambunctiously, crushing as many leaves as she possibly could. Akida glanced upwards, towards the canopy—it was speckled with reds, yellows, and oranges. She loved the forest during this time of year. Despite the leaves that covered the ground, the Orange-Earth thought that it was great for camouflage. Her pelt was dotted with dark brown, but the majority of her body was covered in a russet hue.

But hunting wasn’t on her mind, at the moment. On a nice, Autumn day such as this, she thought that it would be nice to sunbathe. The best place that she could think of was the Sink Hole—it was most likely free of caimans, and it was free of trees. It would be perfect.

Emerging from the trees Akida glanced around. There didn’t appear to be any other cats around, and the rocks that she has intended to rest on were free. Edging her way around the clearing, the golden eyes she-cat kept her paws well away from the edge of the hole. She knew better than to be careless around here—she’d heard tales of cats being swallowed beneath the sands that rested in the center of the basin. While no one really knew if it was true, this was one of the few cases that she didn’t want to be the one to solve.

A large, flat rock at the furthest point of the clearing caught her attention. Beaming, the Earth Triber strode over to the stone, eyeing it cheerily. Pressing a paw to it, she could tell that it had already been warmed by the sun. Stretching her long legs out in front of her, Akida prepared to place herself upon the rock. But her preparations were cut short when she heard a yelp. Unsure of where it came from, she glanced around, eyes widening a little bit.

Padding forward, to the edge of the hole, she spotted its source. Had it not been for the cat’s bright ginger points, Akida might not have noticed them. Amusement brightened her gaze as she watched the cat struggling against the sands. Heh. I bet they’re a newbie. Ah, well. Guess I better help ‘em. She could see that the cat’s paws had disappeared beneath the sand.

While the cat wasn't too far in, she didn't necessarily want to get stuck, herself. But there was no time to find a tool to use. Sighing exuberantly, Akida began to slide down the slope a little bit. As she approached the cat, which she had decided was a tom, she dug her back paws into the more solid ground. As the pointed tom squirmed, she huffed. ”Struggling will only make it worse, ‘ya know.” Stretching her neck forward, the lanky she-cat grasped his scruff in her jaws. No time for delicacy. Yanking roughly at his neck, Akida did her best to dislodge him from the sand.

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