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that if you support Darren Wilson you need to unwatch me, but for your sake and mine don't tell me up front that you do.

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TGB Ref: Blaire -- Orange-Shadow by Treaimas
TGB Ref: Blaire -- Orange-Shadow





( Blare ) || Origin: Scottish / Gaelic || Meaning: Field

Kit Name:


Given to her by Ameena. The flashy name is in honor of the tortoiseshell's best friend, Orange-Air Maika.


Guard  ( 1 3/4 season cycles )

Blaire was born in the very early Winter-- the first day of it, to be exact. While other cats with shorter fur may be irritated by this time of year, Flare is quite comfortable, due to her medium-long fur.




Turkish Angora/ Domestic Medium Hair x Maine Coon/ Manx

Blaire’s mother is a mix of breeds—a Turkish Angora and a Domestic Medium Hair. The tortoiseshell has an average build, but might have a bit more ‘meat on her bones’ than other cats. Her tail is an average length, perhaps a bit longer, and her legs are quite short. Her fur, which her daughter was fortunate to inherit, is black, which is splotched with gold and some white, is soft and of medium length. Her face is round and youthful, and her ears are short and rounded ever so slightly at the top. Ameena’s eyes are a seafoam green hue, and are quite bright.
Her father, Rey, is also a mix of a couple of breeds—a Maine Coon and a Manx. As expected of the aforementioned breeds, he’s quite tall, and rather bulky. Most of that bulk is muscle; the other part is fur. Since he’s a manx, his tail is bobbed—like a bunnies. The Silver-Earth’s base fur color is the exact same as Ameena’s; but it’s accented with other colors. Darker grey stripes run down his back, legs, and along his face. Going up his legs, chest, and part of his face, is white. His ears are quite large, and are tufted at the top. Possibly his most interesting feature, Rey’s eyes are bi-colored—blue and green.

Current Tribe: Shadow-Tribe

Birth Tribe: Light-Tribe

Tribe's Tattoo: Orange-Shadow

Ability: Secondary

Rank: Guard

Mentor: Sojir (Yellow-Shadow)

Apprentice: N/A


Body: Despite being the oldest kit of Rey and Ameena’s litter, Flare may very well grow up to be the smallest. As expected of a kit, her body is small and plump, and her legs are short and stubby. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if she stayed this way. Of course, as she ages, she’ll lose her baby fat, but she’ll most likely always be stocky. Her fur is a medium length, hanging obviously longer in some places, and shorter in others. As expected, there are a few places along her body that are fluffier than others: at her tail, her chest, her cheeks, the back of her neck, and atop her head. Her tail is short and bunny-like, much like her father’s. Despite her best efforts, it’s nearly impossible for her to reach that tail of hers through chasing alone. Flare’s face is quite round without the help of her baby fat. Atop her head is a bit of long headfur, which occasionally falls over her eyes.

As she has grown, not too much has changed about Flare-- now Blaire. She still maintains her small size, despite the fact that her legs are finally starting to grow to a less awkward length. Her body has, in general, thinned out, but she's certainly no where near being skinny. No matter how much she wished it, her tail didn't grow in length. If anything, it seems harder to catch now than it did before.

Colorations: While Flare takes after both her mother and her father, most of her patterns come from her mother, Ameena. Covered mostly in black, but splashed with those trademark striped, golden patches, the kit is a tortoiseshell like her mother. While it’s apparent enough that she’s one of the Orange-Light’s children, it’s not too hard to tell her relation to the Silver-Earth. Going up her legs are white stockings, much like the Earth-Triber’s. However, they do not fade like her fathers do. Her chest and approximately half of her face is white, and her eyelids are “shadowed” by white. Another trait that obviously came from her mother is the color of her eyes. While they don’t quite match the seafoam-hued eyes of her mother, they’re about as close as they could get. They’re seemingly always glistening, since she’s ever-cheerful—it would take something pretty terrible to make them lose their luster.
Other: As mentioned before, Flare has a bobbed tail, which was inherited from Rey. She also had a bit of longer fur at the back of her neck—it’s likely that, as she grows, it too will grow.

Accessories: The first accessory that Blaire had is a thin cord that is looped through a small, round gemstone, which matches the color of her eyes. This accessory was given to her by Rey, to carry on a family tradition.

The second accessory that Blaire adorns is a necklace that was given to her by her older brother, Kyer. The necklace is, in a way, a tribute to the late Aleu, since Blaire reminds Kyer so much of the Water-Triber.


Positive Traits: Brave, Social/ Friendly

Neutral Traits: Straightforward/ Open, Curious

Negative Traits: Impulsive, Sensitive

It would seem as if nothing is too much for Blaire to handle. There's no challenge that she wouldn't face, and, most of the time, she'd be practically fearless while facing said challenge. She wouldn't think twice before venturing into a dark cave, a mysterious forest, or murky waters. She thinks that it's fun. Getting into a messy situation, or even a little bit of trouble isn't really a concern of hers. However, her lack of fear can cause major issues. She's not quite sure when to call it quits-- when to back out when things are out of hand. Usually, she doesn't know when to be scared, or what to be scared of. It's likely that, as she grows older, she will become a bit less naive. Regardless, she'll face any situation with courage.

More than anything, Blaire loves meeting new cats. She wants to make as many friends as possible, and she wants to have those friends forever and ever. Even if she doesn't know you, Blaire is likely to treat you as she would treat any one of her friends. She likes to think that the more friends you have, better off you'll be. Aside from that, she just likes the thought of having friends-- someone who's there for you, someone who will help you when you need it, and someone to talk to. Speaking of talking, Blaire is quite a chatty cat. She loves conversing with cats, even if she isn't particularly close to them. Of course, it's more fun and more enjoyable for her to talk to someone that she knows and that she can relate to.

:bulletyellow:Straightforward/ Open:
Blaire certainly isn't one to beat around the bush, or to keep her opinions a secret from someone else. If she has an opinion on it, she's going to share it. She can be quite frank at times, and she tends not to think about the consequences of her words before she says them. She isn't one to hide her feelings, or to keep secrets from someone. She's an open book, and she's more than willing to tell anyone anything that they want to know about her. While honesty is a good policy, sometimes it's best just not to tell someone something.

One thing that hasn't changed at all since she was a kit is Blaire's extreme sense of curiosity. She wants to know everything about... well, everything. It's not uncommon to find her sticking her nose into things that would probably be better off left alone. Ooh, something's super top-secret? More than likely, Blaire will want information on it. Ooh, there's a dark hole? It's almost certain that Blaire will wander into it, or at least stick her paw in there.

It's a rare thing for Blaire to actually think before rushing headfirst into something. Instead of thinking things through, she acts on her emotions and gut feelings. Even in a situation that calls for logic, Blaire will consult her heart before her brain. Sometimes things work out for her, but in situations that require more delicate handling, it's more likely that it'll turn out poorly. When there's a decision that doesn't really require much thought or planning, she excels-- but in decisions that are likely to impact her or her friends or family, she falls behind. Even when she stops to think, she's quick to jump to conclusions.

As stated before, Blaire is more prone to thinking with her heart instead of her head. If someone is trying to give constructive criticism, it's likely that she will take it as an insult, instead. It doesn't really take much to hurt her feelings. She's quick to be offended, even if what you're saying isn't something that would really seem offensive. If the criticism is actually constructive, it's likely that Blaire will take it, but not without having a few hurt feelings. Point out one of her flaws-- her difficulty in pronouncing names, her extreme clumsiness, how gullible she is-- and it's likely that you'll really bring down her self-esteem. 




- Skill 1: Is this a name? - You start to learn the meaning of true names and how to use them!
- Skill 2: Seeing the Soul - You can see the flow of energy through the body of other animals, what they refer to as their soul!
- Skill 3: Control Through The Name I- Using your understanding of souls and names, you start to be able to control small animals and insects by commanding them with their true names! Requires a LOT of energy.
- Skill 4: Understanding of Emotions - By looking at the souls of other cats, you become able to vaguely detect how they are feeling.
- Skill 5: Control Through The Name II - You start to be able to control Medium sized animals using their true names! Requires a LOT of energy.

Voice Actor: TBA

Sexuality: Unknown

Dreams: Seeing her mother again

Fears: Not having friends | The caimans, despite their defeat

Secrets: Flare’s an open book, so it’s unlikely that she’ll ever have a real secret.

Theme(s): N/A


Color: Yellow (especially yellow flowers)

Food: Bird

Hobby: Exploring | Wrestling

Game: "Oh, I dunno! I like all of 'em, really. But hide and seek is really great!"

Place: The Sink Hole, currently

Cat: Kyer (Green-Shadow), Sojir (Yellow-Shadow)


- Blaire is extremely clumsy

- She often has issues pronouncing other cats' names, the first time around.


Rey was, at the time of their meeting, the Yellow-Earth. Ameena was a Pink-Orange Light. During their first, short meeting, there was, of course, an attraction. But for a while, that was all it was-- a little crush. They both seemed to have moved on: Rey found love with an Orange-Light named Bonny, and Ameena, once she was of age, took on a Green-Air named Sylvester as a mate. However, shortly after Rey asked Bonny to be his mate, she died. Soon afterwards, Ameena gave birth to her first litter of kits. Smoke, Cross, Ray, Ivy, Hazel,and Cream were all born and raised in Light-Tribe. After a half a season cycle, Smoke, now named Kyer was sent to Shadow-Tribe. Cross and Hazel, now named Kyrian and Hazel were claimed by the Water Spirit. Ray was claimed by the Fire Spirit, and given her true name, Arcis. Ivy, now Ascella was chosen by the Air Spirit. And Cream, who was now named Konane was to stay in Light-Tribe with Ameena.
It wasn't long after Ameena's first litter of kits was apprentice that Sylvester disappeared. The healer's best friend, an Orange-Air by the name of Maika gave her news. Ameena was heart broken. Once again, Ameena and Rey met up. This time, Rey was the Silver-Earth, and Ameena was an Orange-Light. It didn't take long for the two to grow close, and soon enough, Ameena was expecting another litter of kits.
I Lived
It wasn't until the very first day of winter that Ameena gave birth to her four, for the most part, healthy kits. The first born was a small she-kit that very, very closely resembled her mother. Dark grey fur, golden patches, blue eyes and all. This first kit was named Flare, after her mother's best friend Maika. The rest of her litter consisted of one tom and two other she-kits. The tom was named Snow, after both Ameena's friend Kenieen, and Rey's brother Yossarian. He was black sandy splotches. The first of the other two she-kits was named Bon, after Bonny. She also very closely resembled Ameena, but had green eyes. The third she-kit was named Zay, after Zaeli, the Silver-Earth before Rey. She was a lighter grey than the rest of her siblings, are looked more like Rey than any of them.
Just a few days after Rey and Ameena's kits had been born, Maika, who had been expecting the then Yellow-Light, Kehri's kits moved from Air-Tribe to Light-Tribe, where she gave birth to Aven, Amber, San, and Aster. And, not long afterwards (by this time, Flare could walk, talk, and see) Flare, Bon, Zay, and Snow lost their mother. After the death of her best friend, Maika took the Orange-Light's kits in as her own, and raised them along with her own litter. Flare, not quite sure exactly what had happened to her mother, believed for a time that she had left Light-Tribe to go on a trip of sorts. And though this was not the case, this is the philosophy that gave her hope that her mother would return to them. During her time in Light-Tribe, Flare grew very close to Aven and her brother Snow. Though Ameena's children were meant to be raised as something like siblings to Maika's kits, this isn't how Flare saw Aven. She saw him as more of a best friend than anything.
Waking Up
Finally, the time had come for Flare, her siblings, and her denmates to receive their tattoos. More than anything, Flare wanted to be put in Light-Tribe, in hopes that maybe, someday, she could see her other again-- or at least be a great healer, as she had been. This was not the case. Of her siblings, Snow, now Keno had been chosen to be a healer. Cyntheale (formerly Bon), was chosen by the Water Spirit. Zay, who was now named Arya was chosen by the Air Spirit. Flare, whose name was now Blaire, got the exact opposite of what she had wanted. Instead of being chosen to be a healer, she was claimed by the Shadow-Spirit. The only upside that she could find was that Aven, now Emlyn was also chosen to be a Shadow-Triber. She also had her big brother Kyer in the same tribe. For a mentor, Blaire was given the Yellow-Shaodw, Sojir.


- Grandmother(s) : Annabella (Orange-Shadow), Suraa (Black-Water)

- Grandfather(s) : Philo (Grey-Water), Noshi (Grey-Fire)

- Mother : Ameena (Orange-Light)

- Father : Rey (Silver-Earth)

- Aunt(s) : Jazlyn (Black-Light), Hera (Pink-Orange Air), Eva (Orange-Fire), Rain (Black-Water), D'ialia (Orange-Shadow), Seren (Orange-Earth)

Amala (Black-Earth)

- Uncle(s) : Sullivan (Green-Shadow), Yossarian (Grey-Earth), Cenek (Silver-Shadow), Fenti (Grey-Fire)

Creek (Grey-Air)
- Cousin(s) : Obsidia (Orange-Shadow), Kyle (Grey-Earth), Ruhn (Green-Fire), Ryner (Orange-Air)

Tiger (Grey-Shadow), Rose (Black-Air)

- Brother(s) : Keno (Blue-Light)

Kyrian (Blue-Green Water), Kyer (Green-Shadow)

- Sister(s) : Cynthale (Pink-Water), Arya (Pink-Air)

Arcis (Orange-Fire), Aleu (Pink-Orange Water), Konane (Pink-Orange Light), Ascella (Orange-Air)

RP Example :

Taken from an RP with Zaabu's Kinstu

{ Orange-Earth | Akida | The Sink Hole }

Despite the fact that Summer had already passed, and Autumn was slowly settling in, the air was fairly warm. Uncharacteristically bright sunlight cascaded down on the land, turning the leaves that still clung to the trees colors that strongly resembled flames. However, the leaves that had already fallen had become brown and crisp.

CRUNCH! Leaves crinkled under the weight of an auburn she-cat who was, obviously, very relaxed. Paying no heed to the fact that there might be other cats around, she carried on rambunctiously, crushing as many leaves as she possibly could. Akida glanced upwards, towards the canopy—it was speckled with reds, yellows, and oranges. She loved the forest during this time of year. Despite the leaves that covered the ground, the Orange-Earth thought that it was great for camouflage. Her pelt was dotted with dark brown, but the majority of her body was covered in a russet hue.

But hunting wasn’t on her mind, at the moment. On a nice, Autumn day such as this, she thought that it would be nice to sunbathe. The best place that she could think of was the Sink Hole—it was most likely free of caimans, and it was free of trees. It would be perfect.

Emerging from the trees Akida glanced around. There didn’t appear to be any other cats around, and the rocks that she has intended to rest on were free. Edging her way around the clearing, the golden eyes she-cat kept her paws well away from the edge of the hole. She knew better than to be careless around here—she’d heard tales of cats being swallowed beneath the sands that rested in the center of the basin. While no one really knew if it was true, this was one of the few cases that she didn’t want to be the one to solve.

A large, flat rock at the furthest point of the clearing caught her attention. Beaming, the Earth Triber strode over to the stone, eyeing it cheerily. Pressing a paw to it, she could tell that it had already been warmed by the sun. Stretching her long legs out in front of her, Akida prepared to place herself upon the rock. But her preparations were cut short when she heard a yelp. Unsure of where it came from, she glanced around, eyes widening a little bit.

Padding forward, to the edge of the hole, she spotted its source. Had it not been for the cat’s bright ginger points, Akida might not have noticed them. Amusement brightened her gaze as she watched the cat struggling against the sands. Heh. I bet they’re a newbie. Ah, well. Guess I better help ‘em. She could see that the cat’s paws had disappeared beneath the sand.

While the cat wasn't too far in, she didn't necessarily want to get stuck, herself. But there was no time to find a tool to use. Sighing exuberantly, Akida began to slide down the slope a little bit. As she approached the cat, which she had decided was a tom, she dug her back paws into the more solid ground. As the pointed tom squirmed, she huffed. ”Struggling will only make it worse, ‘ya know.” Stretching her neck forward, the lanky she-cat grasped his scruff in her jaws. No time for delicacy. Yanking roughly at his neck, Akida did her best to dislodge him from the sand.

Updating TGB applications.
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1.  Hi! What can I call you? And what's your True Name? owo

Akida: If it weren't for my current circumstances, I wouldn't tell you my name. I don't have anything to lose though, so just call me Akida.

Meilani: Y-you can c-call me Mei... i-it's short f-for Meilani.

Blaire: Hiya! You can call me Flare or Blaire! Or both, I guess, if you want.

Esme: I do not like my kit name, so you may call me Esme.

Naeli: Hmmm... you seem alright. Call me Naeli!

Uheri: My name's Uheri, but you'll be calling me Autumn.

 2.   Nice! How many season-cycles do you have under your proverbial belt?

Akida: I would be about three and half, I think.

Meilani: A-a little m-more th-than two.

Blaire: Almost two, I think? GOLLY I'm getting old!

Esme: That is none of your business. (Miss priss is about three and a half)

Naeli: Almost one.

Uheri: One and a half? My tattoo just turned orange.

 3.   What tribe do you hail from?

Akida: Earth Tribe is home, to me.

Meilani: A-Air Tribe... I-I was b-born in E-Earth Tribe, though.

Blaire: Shadow Tribe! I was born in Light Tribe, but I really like it here.

Esme: I was born in Exile. For now, though, I reside in Light Tribe.

Naeli: I was born in Earth Tribe, my mom's tribe, but I live in Water Tribe now. It's alright, I guess.

Uheri: Earth Tribe is my home, now.


 4.   And what's your opinion of the local government? owo

Akida: Well, Eden doesn't really have a government per se. But if you mean Earth Tribe's, I... Alcina was my apprentice, but she's no Rey.

Meilani: T-Tara? I'm n-not sure... sh-she went with Alriyel.

Blaire: Cenek is really cool! Kind of scary, but cool. AND SOJIR IS THE BEST! She's so brave, and a great teacher! I'm not so sure about him followin' this Ariel, though... But I'm sticking with Sojir, no matter what!

Esme: I admire Basil. She is not only beautiful, but a remarkable leader. I am mostly indifferent towards Niahm.

Naeli: Lyra seems pretty cool. I don't really know much about Lully, but I hear that he's pretty great. Big, too!

Uheri: Alcina's pretty cool, I think. I didn't really get to know her much before she volunteered for that kit... but I think that's proof enough that she's a good cat.


 5.   Let's get down to the stuff Tabloids are made of! Who’s your true love?

Akida: Well... *shuffles paws* Weiland was my mate. I love him to death, but I'm worried about him. He's being a dumbass.

Meilani: I-I don't...

Blaire: True love? I think all of my loves are true! I love a whole bunch of cats. Cyn and Kyer and Pangur and Sojir and my mama and dad... and Emlyn and mama Maika. I really miss them.

Esme: I have yet to give away my heart. It would be nice, I suppose, to have a true love.

Naeli: Gross! *sticks out tongue*

Uheri: Hahahaa, no.

 6.   Aww~~~ Have you kissed yet?

Akida: Well, I had his kits, so.

Meilani: N-no!

Blaire: Nuh-uh!

Esme: No, not yet.

Naeli: GROSS

Uheri: :V


 7.   So... anyone else? eue

Akida: Hmm... *laughs* Well, before he pussied out, there was Sorrel. I thought he was so brave, when I was a Pink. Some big ol' lizards scared him off.

Meilani: N-not really, no...

Blaire: I love a lot of cats!

Esme: No.


Uheri: ene


 8.   Alrighty then! Dumb question - what's your favorite color?

Akida: Green.

Meilani: O-orange is nice...

Blaire: YELLOW!

Esme: I enjoy blue, mostly that of the sky.

Naeli: *grumbles* Pink is pretty.

Uheri: I like green.

 9.   Favorite season? m

Akida: Spring was always my favorite.

Meilani: I-I would enjoy W-Winter, if it d-didn't create f-f-food shortages...

Blaire: AHHH I dunno! I kind of like Fall. All of the leaves are so crunchy and pretty!

Esme: Hmmm... I do enjoy Autumn.

Naeli: I dunno, Summer?

Uheri: Spring is nice.

 10.   Now what’s your biggest fear?

Akida: It doesn't really matter, anymore. It already came true.

Meilani: L-losing m-my dad... o-or any of m-my family!

Blaire: OOooh, the caimans still kind of scare me! They've been gone for a real long time, but still! Also, losing Kyer or Sojir or Pangur would be the worst :c

Esme: Bugs are positively dreadful.

Naeli: Grasshoppers! THEY'RE SO GROSS.

Uheri: Drowning, mostly. I think letting my tribe down would suck, too.


 11. Any siblings?

Akida: Just a brother.

Meilani: I-I have t-two brothers a-and a sister... and m-my mother i-is expecting k-kits!

Blaire: I have a lot of siblings! I have Cyn and Kyer and Aleu and Arya, wherever she is! I also had Snow and some other ones that aren't around anymore.

Esme: None that I am aware of. Though, I would not be surprised. Apparently my mother was quite... restless.

Naeli: I've got a brother and a sister. I had another brother, but he died when we were kits. I've got some older siblings, too. Cadia's pretty cool, I think.

Uheri: I have a brother, Thrush. I wonder how he is?


 12. Who’s your hero?

Akida: Rey. He... he's the closest thing I've got to a father. He was always there for me, when he could be.

Meilani: I-I think m-my dad is a-amazing. A whole t-tribe...

Blaire: Well, Pangur, of course! He's my Hero.

Esme: I do not have a hero.

Naeli: Mmm... I don't have one.

Uheri: I'd have to say Arcis. She's amazing.

 13. Who’s your worst enemy?

Akida: I don't really have one. At one point, I may have said Farox, but he's half decent.

Meilani: I-I don't h-have one...

Blaire: Hmm... I don't have any enemies!

Esme: I do not have any enemies, as far as I am concerned.

Naeli: Nah.

Uheri: My mother was wretched. I hope she never has anymore kits... if she does, Spirits help them.


 14. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Akida: I don't see that happening, so probably nothing.

Meilani: Uh...

Blaire: What? But then Pangur would be lonely D:

Esme: I would have nothing to complain about.

Naeli: NAH.

Uheri: I think Arcis would know better than to get with a snake like my mother.

 15. What would you do if you met your creator?

Akida: I'd have to ask why I died. I totally could have taken that fox.

Meilani: I-I'd a-ask for them t-to get r-rid of this s-stutter.

Blaire: Hmmm... I might thank them for letting me make so many friends!

Esme: Most likely nothing. I have nothing to say to them.

Naeli: I dunno?

Uheri: I don't know... I'll think about that


 16. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Akida: Alive again would be nice.

Meilani: W-well, I'm a-already g-grown up.

Blaire: I think maybe I'd like to be a leader or deputy! WAIT-- WAIT NO NEVERMIND NO I DON'T WANT TO (She realized that the would entail something happening to Sojir).

Esme: I am already grown, but I would like to have a litter of kits.

Naeli: Hmm... I think for now I'll just focus on being a Gem Crafter.

Uheri: Maybe one day I could be leader.


 17. What's your worst nightmare?

Akida: I think having to see Freya or Zodok here would be the worst thing.

Meilani: I-I don't know...

Blaire: Losing any of my family!

Esme: I am unsure.

Naeli: 'Dunno.

Uheri: Never seeing Song or Arcis again... maybe one day they'll come to the tribes?

 18. Who would you want to meet in the afterlife?

Akida: Not that I want to see them here yet, but Weiland or Freya or Zodok. I miss them all so much.

Meilani: I-I m-miss Orestes...

Blaire: I'd want to see my mama and dad and Snow and mama Maika and Emlyn again!

Esme: I do not have anyone waiting for me.

Naeli: Maybe Kite?

Uheri: No one I know has died yet, thank the Spirits.


 19. Anyone you want to send to the afterlife?

Akida: No.

Meilani: S-Spirits no!

Blaire: Oh golly, no! That'd be mean.

Esme: No.

Naeli: Nah.

Uheri: Maybe Hera.


 20. Now that we're getting a little serious (or really just because the meme is almost over), what's your opinion of Alriyel, reincarnated?

Akida: I don't really know what to think. I just know that nothing good's gonna come of him being here. I think the Fire Spirit should have killed him via Castail when he had the chance.

Meilani: I-I don't s-see any good c-coming f-from him being here...

Blaire: I dunno... Cenek trusts him, but I dunno if I do.

Esme: I have no opinion. So long as he brings no harm to these tribes, I see no issue.

Naeli: I don't really know. Lyra and Lully think he's bad news.

Uheri: *bristles* He's no good.

 21. What's on your bucket list?

All: What's a bucket?

 22. Where do you see yourself in a few season-cycles?

Akida: Dead. Still.

Meilani: I-I don't k-know.

Blaire: I dunno!! I don't really like to think about it.

Esme: Dead, perhaps. Or an exile once more.

Naeli: I see my being a Gem Crafter. I mean, that's what I signed up for, so.

Uheri: Maybe I'll be deputy or leader. Or the best warrior Earth Tribe has ever seen.


 23. We're done! Now tag whoever you want

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Don't expect too much from me??? But I might post some things here or there, and I think I'll update all of my TGB references this week.
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